Xbox One External HDD Overview: How You Can Opt For?

Regrettably, since the games all think about it Blu Ray disks, plus might have massive updates and DLC, one game could use up 40-60+ GB of their small 500GB internal HDD. This usually means that you run out of space quite fast. Luckily for all of us, we have options. It means spending a bit more money, however, you're going to be thankful for that in the long term. To learn more information on Xbox one external hard , you must visit HDDmag site.

On Xbox One you can not swap the hard drive to get a brand new one, however you can certainly do something even better utilize an additional external hard drive. As a result, you get to make use of the 500GB internal drive, plus up to two additional external USB HDDs with many terabytes of storage to hold most of your games.


You process a wide Variety of options for outside HDDs on Xbox One. You may utilize any HDD that's 1. USB 3.0, two. At the least 256GB, 3. At the very least 5400rpm. From that point, any brand and some size is all up for you. Faster read rates and greater capacity cost, of course. Solidstate drives can offer the very best performance, but cost more.


Renars is personally having 1TB HDD and haven't experienced any issues.

Any drive that meets certain requirements will continue to work, though.

The  way To Use An External HDD With Xbox One

Renars stated that having an external HDD is surprisingly easy. They are USB-powered, therefore you should not plug them into an A/C socket or whatever.

Just plug the USB cable into the USB port on the back of your Xbox One, and you're All Set. You ought to format the drive before you can use it to games, however the XBOX ONE can do that for you. The drives are usually very small, so only shred them someplace out of their way.

Improved Performance

Here is something interesting about using an outside HDD on Xbox One - it could actually load games faster compared to the interior drive because it can transfer data quicker. Simply put, USB 3.0 is faster compared to the SATA II relation the internal drive is connected with, thus, using even the exact same 5400rpm rate that the interior drive uses, you will actually load games a little faster from an outside drive. Elect to get a 7200rpm external drive, or even perhaps a solid state drive, and games may load even quicker. We're talking many seconds faster load times.

Do You Definitely Need An Outside HDD?

While there are definite advantages to using an external HDD with your xbox one, don't misunderstand and think it's a prerequisite or anything or requirement. Consider what games you're likely to be playing, and the number of, and decide from there if you want an external drive.

Best people aren't going to be playing heaps of games in just a few months. Still, you'll fill up the inner HDD only with Games With Gold names after a while, so looking into an external HDD isn't a bad idea.

Bottom Line

You could certainly get by with the 500GB internal drive by deleting old games and reinstalling them whenever you would like to play with them, but in the event that you have to re-download large games it is sometimes a real pain based on your Internet speed.